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Superior quality Hammers and its Accessories of high strength including Wooden Hammers, Copper Hammer, Brass Hammer and Wooden Hammer Handles....

Product Showcase

An Introduction

The concept of using a heavy object to strike another object has been prevailing since ancient history of humans. This led to the creation of hammers which is a hand held tool that is useful for hitting another object such as nails with its heavy metallic head that is connected to a handle. These are used in various industries such as Wood Crafting and also in households for common uses. Manisha Industries serves as a Manufacturer of premium quality Hammers and its handles. The products we supply includes Toughened Plastic Soft Blow Hammer, Copper Hammer, Brass Hammer, Wooden File Handles, Wooden Hammer Handles, etc. Our manufactured hammers are excellent for driving nails, fit parts, forge metal, and break apart objects. We provide them in various sizes and multipurpose metal heads. We forge our hammers with utmost care high precision to give them a strong body that can withstand large amount of force. Numerous clients highly praise our Hammers for their strong grip, durable body and smooth finish. We have serving a huge client base for the past four decades and aim to continue doing so.

The Manufacturing Process
Manisha Industries manufactures the entire product range at its facility which has been divided into various units for the streamlining all the production process and it also increases the productivity. Here are the steps through which we manufacture our hammers and the handles:
  • Formation of Head: The head of the hammer is formed by Hot Forging Process in which a length of metallic bar is heated and cut into short pieces. These hot pieces are then molded in Dies to give the appropriate shape to the head. The extra material is then chipped of and the head is heat treated to harden them.
  • Formation of Handle: To make wooden handles, pieces of wood in desired length is mounted on lathe machines which spins around rapidly to cut the handle profile. Later they are sanded to impart a smooth surface to the handle. In case of metallic hammers, they are formed by forcing metal through an opening that has the desired cross-sectional area.
  • Assembling the Hammer: The handle is inserted through the eye of the head and a wooden wedge or epoxy resin is used to cement the handle and the metal head. It provides sufficient friction to hold the head on the handle.

Quality Control

Apart from the dimensional measurements and normal visual inspections, we take different steps to monitor the production process. The heat treatment phase where the metallic heads are hardened is one of the important stage where the quality of head determines the overall strength of the product. For achieving the proper hardness, the temperatures and rate of heating and cooling are crucial. Therefore the entire operation is closely regulated by our employees to ensure the products are formed according to industry guidelines.